Helping Your Dog When It Eats Something Poisonous

If you suspect your dog has eaten something poisonous, you will want to take fast action in obtaining the help they need to feel better. Most people will bring their dog to an emergency veterinarian at the first sign of trouble. If you believe the dog needs immediate help, follow these tips.

Call A Veterinarian

If you are going to handle the situation from home until your dog is stabilized, you will still need to call a veterinarian, like Bayside Veterinary Hospital, to get the proper guidance. The procedure you need to take will vary depending on what type of poisonous agent the dog had eaten. Have the packaging available when you make the phone call. The veterinarian will ask you how much of the poison is missing from the package and they may ask you to list some of the ingredients the poisonous item is made from. This will help them determine what steps you need to take in having your dog feel better.

Find Out About Vomiting

Some poisons will require you try to make your dog vomit to rid the stomach of the material. This however is not the case for every type of poison. Some poisonous materials can cause worse symptoms if they go through the respiratory tract, such as aspiration or throat irritation. In these cases, a charcoal-based substance will need to be given to the dog to absorb the material from its stomach. This would need to be done in the veterinarian's office.

Observe All Symptoms

Let the veterinarian know in detail what symptoms your dog is displaying. If they are vomiting or if they have diarrhea, these are signs their body is trying to get rid of the poison on its own. If they are drinking a lot of water, this is another sign that they are instinctively trying to naturally dilute the material in their stomach. If the dog is having trouble breathing, is extremely lethargic, or non-responsive, get them to an emergency animal hospital right away.

Transport With Comfort

Try getting someone else to come with you to the animal hospital so they can help take care of the dog while you drive or vice versa. The dog should be placed on the back seat with a soft blanket to keep it comfortable. Whoever sits with the dog can talk to it softly while petting it so it stays alert. Before you leave, put the poison in your vehicle's trunk, away from your dog, so you can show it to the veterinarian upon your arrival.

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