The Necessities Of Dog Grooming

Pet grooming for dogs entails many things such as nail clipping, coat brushing and teeth brushing, though most people only associate coat grooming as keeping their pet well groomed. Doing some other things, like the nail clipping and teeth brushing listed above, have their benefits as well as giving your dog a cleaner look. Here are some things to make sure you do to keep your dog clean and healthy and why they are so important.

Hair Brushing

Particularly for breeds with longer coats, this gives them less fur to clean on their own and prevents any snags in their fur. Not only is this hair brushing session great for their fur, but it is also a great way to bond with your dog because most dogs love to be brushed. Even if your dog has short hair, you may want to consider brushing anyway, especially for breeds that are prone to shedding even with short hair, such as Rottweilers. It is also recommended that you brush your dog before you bathe it to make bath time easier for you and your dog.

Nail Trimming

If you are not careful with this step, you could accidentally cut your dog. A lot of people tend to pay others to do this for them because they want to make sure they don't hurt their pet. However, as long as you are able to get your dog to remain still and be careful with how far you cut, you should be able to do this step on your own. There is also the option to file the nails instead if necessary. Nails need to be checked because you do not want them cutting someone, or you, on accident.

Bath Time

Dogs need baths just like people do, but not as often. Dogs typically need a bath once a month, and some people opt to do this outside. However, if you have to bathe your dog inside, make sure you close the door so that if the dog gets loose, the mess won't be much to clean up. Make sure you get shampoo specifically for dogs because normal shampoo has ingredients in it that may hurt your dog's skin and not work well with their fur.


Some breeds require their hair to be cut because the hair continues to grow at a much quicker rate than other breeds. It is recommended that you go to a professional groomer for this step. Some owners also choose to cut their long haired dogs if they are outside in the summer to keep them cool.

Other things you will want to watch out for with certain breeds of dogs is caring for their ears and making sure that they are healthy overall. If your dog seems unusually lethargic, isn't eating, or is actually unusually aggressive, take your dog to the vet to get a checkup.

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