Steps To Take If Your Dog Is Hit By A Car

No matter how well you take car of your dog and provide a secure home, there is always the possibility that your pet can escape through an open gate or door and get hit by a car while running in the road. Dogs often become beloved family members, so it can be very scary and stressful to discover that your pet has been hit by a vehicle-- take the following steps after this type of accident:

Approach Your Dog Carefully

While you may be panicking and want to rush to help your dog, it is in your best interest to approach your dog with caution. Injury and pain can temporarily change your dog's temperament, and it is possible that it may growl or try to nip at you, or show other signs of aggression. Slowly walk up to your dog, and try to assess the situation gently so you can see if there are visual injuries.

Try to Avoid Moving Your Dog Too Much

Jostling or moving your pet abruptly can cause pain and exacerbate injuries. Ideally, you should try to place a board or other hard surface under your dog so you can move it out of the road without causing further problems. If you don't have access to a board, carefully move your dog by supporting both the front and hind legs; depending on the size of your dog, it may be best to have someone help you in order to keep your dog in a stable position.

Contact Your Vet or Local Pet Hospital

Even if you don't see visible signs of injury or broken bones, it is important to have your dog treated by a veterinarian to rule out internal injuries. Depending on the severity of your dog's injuries, it is a good idea to call your pet hospital and let them know that you are bringing in a dog that has been hit by a car-- the advance notice will allow the veterinary staff to prepare for emergency treatment.

Keep Your Dog Comfortable

During the ride to the pet hospital, do your best to keep your dog as comfortable as possible. Injuries from being it by a car may cause shock, which can result in your dog shaking or having a drop in body temperature-- bring a blanket to cover your dog in the car. If your dog shows any signs of breathing difficulty, remove its collar and make sure that the airway is completely open.

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