5 Tips For Picking A Boarding Facility For Your Cat

While some cats can comfortable stay home alone when their people are away for an extended time, others may require special care that makes boarding a better option. This includes cats with known medical conditions or younger cats that need more frequent socialization. The following guide can help you make the right choices when it comes to boarding your cat, so that they do not experience any unnecessary stress.

Tip #1: Tour the Facility

All reputable boarding facilities allow you to tour in advance – in fact, many of them insist upon a tour. There are certain things to look for during this tour. All kennels should have at least two levels. There should be toys and hiding places provided in each separate kennel, along with a feeding area and litter area. A decent ventilation system with each kennel on its own vent is also ideal. Make sure the kennels and all animal areas are clean.

Tip #2: Check for Separation

The best kennels for cats ensure that they are removed from the stress of any dog boarding facilities on the site. This means that you should see nor hear dogs when you are in the cat area. Unknown dogs can be very stressful to a cat, even if your cat isn't afraid of dogs at home.

Tip #3: Ask About Personal Items

Your cat's favorite toy or bedding can be very comforting in a new place. The kennel should allow most personal items in the cat's kennel for this reason alone. Ask about any rules pertaining to these items. For example, some kennels may require that they be washed before you bring them, while others may have certain items they don't allow for safety reasons.

Tip #4: Find Out About Emergencies

There are two keys to a safe boarding facility. First, the facility should have an emergency vet on duty or at least on call at all times. Second, they should also have a separate quarantine area for when an animal does get sick. This helps prevent an illness from spreading and it also shows the facility is dedicated to the health of its charges.

Tip #5: Make Sure Your Kitty Gets Personal Attention

Some facilities have play rooms that they give cats access to. Others spend quality one on one time with each cat. If your cat isn't getting at least one daily session of petting, brushing, or play, then you may want to look into other boarding options. Contact a local boarding facility in your area to find one that will be perfect for your feline friend.

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