Big Talkers: Chatty Catty Warning Signs

All cats have moments where they meow, but chronic meowing isn't necessarily a good sign. While chatty breeds like the Siamese are notorious for being big talkers, cats who frequently or obsessively meow may have a problem. If your cat seems to be meowing too much, this guide can help you to figure out why.


One of the possible causes of a cat meowing excessively is that they're feeling anxious about something. Cats who exhibit these signs may yowl or meow, especially if they don't know where you are.

The basic reason for this is that your cat is scared, and is looking for comfort from you! Whether they're afraid because of a recent move, loud noises like thunder, or anything else, they may simply be looking for you to reassure them.

In addition to just spending time with your cat, you can try calming them down by using lavender. While essential oils should never be used directly on a cat's skin, you can apply them around your home where your kitty likes to sleep, introduce a lavender plant into your home, or try hydrosols, which are safer for cats. The smell is relaxing and may reduce the stress they're experiencing.


Though the exact reason isn't known, cats tend to become more vocal if they're undergoing illness, especially in old age. If your cat is a senior, meaning at least seven years old, their cries may indicate that they're dealing with a geriatric illness, like kidney disease.

Kidney disease is extremely common in older cats, unfortunately, and often goes undetected until it's in the late stages. While there's no known cure for kidney disease in cats, a vet can provide solutions to prolong your cat's life and provide them with comfort. With proper care, your cat should meow less.


Another possibility is that your cat is detecting that there are cats in heat nearby. Even if you've had your cat fixed, some cats still react poorly to the scent of a female in heat. If there are any feral cats near your home, it's possible that they've gone into heat, and your cat is responding to it. One other telltale sign of this problem is if you've heard cat fights going on outdoors; if male cats are fighting each other in a normally peaceful area, they're probably being territorial for rights to a female.

Lavender can be effective in reducing your cat's stress, and if your cat isn't fixed, you should make sure to get them neutered or spayed. Otherwise, however, the only solution is to either wait for the cat in heat to either leave or become pregnant, or to work with a trap and release group to get the feral cat fixed.

Having your cat meow all the time can be stressful for you, and it may mean that your cat isn't happy. Take the opportunity to visit the vet and find out if your cat's cries mean that they're dealing with a health problem.

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