If Your Dogs Teeth Have Never Been Cleaned It Could Be In Danger

If you're noticing that your dog's teeth look yellow and dingy, it may be time for a teeth cleaning. It's just as important for dogs to get their teeth cleaned as it is for humans, since dogs can have the same oral health problems as humans. Over 80 percent of dogs have dental issues, so you need to get your pup checked. 

Bad breath isn't the only problem your dog could have with their oral health. If you haven't thought to have your dog's teeth cleaned it isn't too late to start now. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to get your dog's teeth cleaned right away.

Internal Health Problems

Decay that builds up on the teeth can cause problems throughout the body. It can cause heart disease, organ failure, and build up in the arteries. The bacteria in the mouth can cause other diseases in the body as well. You don't want your animal to die prematurely or end up with a serious infection because you didn't take them to have the bacteria cleaned from their teeth. If you have never gotten their teeth cleaned you don't know how much damage has already been done. 

Decayed Teeth

If the teeth are severely decayed, it can be difficult for the animal to eat. If the teeth have to be extracted, the dog may need wet food or they may need their food moistened before eating. Catering to a dog with no teeth can be very inconvenient for pet owners. It can also lower the canines quality-of-life. You don't want to pay for all of your dog's teeth to be extracted either, because you never got them cleaned.

Household Odors 

The toxic bacteria in the mouth causes your pet to have bad breath and staining. This can cause odors in the house wherever your dog drools, and it can be smelly when you pet your dog's head, and wherever your dog decides to lay down their head.  A teeth cleaning will help the dog's breath smell fresh and will prevent them from spreading bacteria. 

There are many veterinarian offices that do dog teeth cleanings by appointment. When you have your dog's teeth cleaned, ask the veterinarian if all your dog's teeth are in good condition or if any of them need other dental work. Don't waste anymore time procrastinating an appointment to get your dog's teeth cleaned. Even if you haven't taken great care of pet dental care, it doesn't mean you can't start now. 

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