How You And Your Cat Can Avoid The Stress That Comes With Vet Care

Cats can be some of the most affectionate and loving animals companions out there, especially when they are healthy and content. However, many cat owners find that taking their feline friends to the vet for regular well checks can be an extremely stressful experiences for them and their pets—a big reason why many cats never see a vet except when they get sick or injured or need yearly vaccines. The sad fact is some serious cat diseases can be cured if they are caught early enough. Check out these facts about how you reduce the fear and anxiety your cat experiences from vet visits.

Visit Animals Clinics Ahead Of Taking Your Cat In

Some animal hospitals make the effort to have a separate waiting room for cats and their owners for the sole purpose of reducing stress prior to an exam. Before you take your cat to a new clinic, visit it to learn if it is cat friendly. Check for separate waiting rooms and be sure to ask technicians and the vet if cats are kept separate during any hospital stay. If the clinic you visit does not provide separate areas for your cat away from dogs, finding one that does is a good idea. Bear in mind there are many clinics also available that see only cats, your best option if one is in your area.

Getting Your Feline Friend Used To Being Handled And Examined

If your cat is one that does not like to be held a lot, taking the time to get him or her used to being handled is wise before you visit the vet. Take the time to brush your cat and trim his or her nails. Pick up your cat and hold him or her more often. Hold his or her paws and look between each toe, a great way to get your feline used to being manipulated for nail trimming. Open and look in your cat's mouth as well. Placing your cat in his or her pet carrier can also help to reduce the fear he or she may have about it. Take your cat for a drive around the block and back home so he or she will not always associate the carrier with a trip to the vet. Always remember to reward your cat with his or her favorite treat every time you do carrier training and play vet exams. The more you handle your cat and perform 'make-believe' examinations, the easier it will be on your cat when the vet does the real ones.

Don't Forget: Your Cat Senses Your Emotions

If you are anxious and nervous about taking your cat to the vet, he or she can sense it and will begin experiencing the same anxiety and nervousness. Always stay calm and your cat will do the same in most cases. Never rush to a vet appointment, so be prepared to take your time and move at your cat's pace. Being calm and moving like nothing is out of the ordinary can help convey feelings of peace and contentment to your cat.

If you have found you avoid taking your cat to the vet because of the stress it causes for you both, learning ways to make it a good experience is extremely important for your cat's good health. Adult cats need to see their regular vet at least twice a year for ensuring good health and that no diseases are sneaking up on him or her. Your cat can live for many years, giving you more time to enjoy his or her being around, so start today getting your cat used to the idea of being handled and rising to the vet. Contact a vet like (those at Centennial Animal Hospital and other locations) for more help and information.

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