5 Warning Signs Your Dog Should Visit The Vet

If you are a dog owner,  you will want to ensure the health and well-being of your pet at all times. Your furry friend is sure to love you unconditionally regardless of what the day may bring. Taking care of your dog will take effort and the right commitment. You should be mindful of any medical problems your pet is having and if these require professional attention. By knowing some of the warning signs that indicate your dog should visit your local vet, this can be helpful to you.

Sign #1: Loss of appetite

The appetite of your pet can be a huge indicator of how your dog is feeling. Eating well and having a healthy appetite is ideal and is a sign that your dog is well.

However, if your dog suddenly stops eating, this is a warning sign that there may be a bigger issue that should be addressed by a vet.

Sign #2: Decreased energy

Having a dog that is full of life is certain to brighten your day. However, if you pet is usually active and becomes lethargic, you should find out the reason for this. 

Your dog should have the adequate amount of testing to ensure there aren't any serious medical issues that demand immediate attention.

Sign #3: Excessively thirsty

Dogs consistently produce saliva so being overly thirsty could be a sign of diabetes or a kidney problem. Take the time to monitor how frequently your dog is drinking water on a frequent basis.

Sign #4: Hair loss

Your dog is sure to shed on a daily basis. However, excessive hair loss is not a good sign and could be due to a number of medical problems that should be investigated.

Additionally, if your dog's coat is dry, your pet may have allergies or could be eating the wrong food each day. It's ideal for a dog that is healthy to have a shiny coat and one that is full, as well.

Sign #5: Changes in stool

One strong indicator of your pet's health is the stool. If the stool changes color or turns into diarrhea, this should be checked out by a vet. A dog that is constipated may need a diet change, as well.

Taking care of your dog should be top on your list of things-to-do daily. Be sure to rely on the expertise of your vet if you see any of the warning signs listed above today!


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